Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Summer

Tube of choice
I used one from kat
Kit of choice
One i used is from Kat
called Feng Shui

Ok lets begin
open 600 x600 new image
copy n paste element 20 from the kit
place toward the left a little an down
copy n paste element 3 from the kit
an center it over the other element
copy n paste element 1 from the kit
resize so it fits the top of the frame
add drop shadow of choice
highlight the frame layer an grab your
magic wand, hold down shift an click inside
the frame. selections-modify-expand 2
copy n paste a paper of choice from the kit
hit delete, selections none
copy n paste your tube of choice
resize if needed,add dropshadow
copy n paste element 17 no resize needed
using your deform tool menuver the ribbon
on both sides so that it lines up with
the side of the frame
go grab element 16 from the kit
copy n paste new layer resize if needed
place on lower right corner
see tag for placement.
that's it resize tag to your taste
add artist info an text an your done.
Written by Crazykittie

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