Monday, August 9, 2010


Tube of choice
I used one from juicy bits

kit of choice i used Aflame
by sylvie
Mask of choice i used one from Babes Designz

Open a new 800x800 image
paste paper of choice from kit, layers-new mask layer from
image, apply, you may have to invert transparency depending
on what mask you use, merge group, adjust,add/remove noise add noise
of choice. copy frame of choice
from the kit, place in center of canvas, grab magic
wand select the inside of the frame selections-modify-expand 5
selections invert.
copy n paste paper of choice hit delete move
below frame layer, leave selected copy n paste tube-hit delete,
selections-none, move below frame layer,
paste your tube again
now, line it up with the first copy of your tube, an grab your
lasso an select the parts that is hanging over the frame. merge
this layer down to your frame layer, then merge visiable resize
by 85% all layers unchecked.
copy n paste a flower of choice i used
element 22 don't resize an place at right corner an move behind the frame
place it so only half is sticking out, see tag for placement
now copy n paste
a second flower of choice, resize so that it is slightly smaller then the first
one, place at top of tag just under the other flower, duplicate-mirror place copy
on side of the frame an slightly under the first one, see tag.
copy n paste butterfly of choice resize so that it just covers the bow
the bow one right top corner of the frame.
now copy n paste a bow of choice
resize as needed an place on left corner of frame, see tag for place ment
copy n paste element 38 or other flower of choice, resize as needed, place
on left bottom of frame move so that it doesnt cover your tube up.
erase the stems,
now copy n paste element 69 or other of choice, resize as needed
an place behind the other flower so that it sticks out slightly, erase the stems.
now add any other elments of choice, go back add drop shadows to all elements.
artist info, your text save as png an your done.

written by crazykittie

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