Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Friends

Scrap kit or tube of choice
all tag elements from Best Friends Kit
by Carita which can be purchased at www.mypsptubes.com
Mask,dog food n water Here
if the mask was made by you please let me know
so i can credit you.


Open a new 600x600 image, copy n paste doghouse of choice
resize by 80% 1x place in center an move to the left,
paste fence resize 80% move below house layer an place
behind the house slightly, duplicate-mirror.
copy n paste grass resize so that it fits the fence
place on left side of house duplicate 3x place along
the fence on right side, paste petunia resize 70% 2 or 3 x
an place on left side of fence erase bottom stem an bloom.
duplicate-mirror. paste award from the kit, resize so that
it fits on left of house just under roof line.
copy n paste dogs or tubes of choice resize slightly an place
where you want them. copy n paste bone resize 70% 2x paste
ball resize 70% 3x place next to dog or where your happy with
it. copy n paste dog bowls, resize both by 70% 3x an place
water n food from supplies over the bowls.
now open the mask in psp if you havent already an minimize,
copy n paste 2 papers of choice on the bottom, layers-mask from image
find your mask in the drop down, invert transparency, source luminance
checked, apply merge group, do the same for your other paper, if you used
blue an green, arrange them so they look like sky n grass.
place any other elements of choice, merge visiable add artist info,
your text. resize all layers by 85% save as png an your done.

written by crazykittie

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