Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blue Fairy

tube of choice
I used Rachael Tallamy
which can be purchased at
Scrap kit of choice
i use Genea's Notebook by Carita
can be purchased at
Masks-106 & 347 from

Open a new 600x600 image copy n paste tagback 2 from the kit
add dropshadow of choice, now add paper of choice
paste on new layer above the tag back.
layers-mask layer-find 106 in the drop down an apply.
delete mask an merge group.lower the opacity to around 35 or 40
copy n paste notebook 1 from the kit
resize to your liking an rotate 35 left.
copy n past paper of choice i used paper 8
layers-mask layer-find mask 347 from the drop down
apply- merge group. rotate 35 left an resize 75% 2x's
place over the notebook, doesn't have to be percect.
copy n paste the key from the kit resize 75% 1x
place on top right corner of the notebook.
copy n paste your tube, resize as needed add dropshadow of choice
paste flower1 from the kit resize 75% then again at 80%
drop shadow of choice, duplicate-mirror
copy 2 from the kit resize 75% 2x's an place next to the one
on the left see tag for placement, dropshadow-duplicate
and move to the right. copy bow 3 from the kit resize 80% 1x
and place on top of the flowers in the middle.
copy leaf 2 from the kit an paste as new layer-duplicate
then move over to the left a little merge down, add dropshadow
duplicate mirror move to the left a little then merge down
send to bottom. add artist info, your text an your done.

writtin by Crazykittie
tag originaly made March/2010

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