Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tube of choice
I used one from Barbara Jensen
which can be purchased at
Kit of choice, I use Antigone
From Juicy bits
Mask 258 from

Ok Ready?

Open 600x600 image so you have room to work
copy n paste paper of choice from kit
layers-mask find your mask of choice in the dropdown
apply- delete mask-merge group.
adjust blur-motion blur with the settings below
angle 30.00 strength 65%
add noise-uniform-monochrome-30%
copy n paste doodle or element of choice
resize by 80% once move toward bottom a little
duplicate-image mirror-flip, copy n paste frame of choice
resize as needed, grab magic wand, select inside of frame
selections-modify-expand 7-invert, copy n paste paper of
choice-hit delete move paper below frame, leave selected
going back to frame layer
paste tube of choice resize as needed an hit delete
select none. copy n paste ribbon of choice,
image-rotate-free rotate left 90, resize so that it
lines up with top an bottom edges of frame.
add bow of choice resize as needed an place at bottom
of ribbon add drop shadow of choice, add other elements
of choice, artist info, text. resize tag by 80% once
an save.

written by crazykittie

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