Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot Pants

Tube of choice
I used Robert Alvarado which can be purchased at
you will need a close up and full size tube
Kit of choice I use Exite from juicy bits, thank you so much
for a wonderful kit i had fun with it. it can be purchased at
Mask of choice I used DBV Mask 81 whick you can find at
Font of choice I used Rockwell
Optional filter effect, eyecandy5 impact gradient glow
dropshadow of choice to all elements

Open a new 800by800 image copy n paste paper of choice
i used paper 15 layers-new mask layer from image-select
your mask from the dropdown source luminance checked
everything else unchecked. merge group.
copy frame of choice from the kit i used frame 2
image rotate-free rotate-left 90 now grab your magic
wand click inside the frame selections-modify-expand 5
selections invert, paste paper of choice from the kit
hit delete move below the frame layer leave selected
now making sure your on the frame layer, paste close
up of your tube, hit delete move below frame layer deselect.
close of your mask an bottom blank layer an merge visible
now resize your merged layer 85% 1x copy an paste star element of
choice from the kit i did not resize this but suit yourself lol
move to the top left of the frame move below frame see tag for placement
copy n paste ribbon 3 from the kit place at bottom of frame
copy n paste ribbon 2 from the kit image-rotate-left 90 place
on right side of frame copy n paste the butterflies element
place at bottom right of frame, copy n paste butterfly 1 from the kit
resize 80% 1x an place at top right of frame an move over just a little
using your deform tool turn it slight to the left. copy an paste butterfly
3 from the kit place on left side of frame about middle ways, an resize 80%
1x grab the defrom tool an turn it slightly to the right. see tag for placement
copy n paste bow of choice from kit i used bow 4 resize 80% 1x or more if you choose
place on left end of the pink ribbon. copy n paste word art of choice an place to
the bottom left. now add your full size tube resize if needed add dropshadow,
making sure you have added a dropshadow to all elements-merge visible
then image-resize-500 pixels. add artist info an your text, now on your text layer
if you choose to do so, eyecandy impact-gradient glow with the settings below.
on the setting tab use subtle white glow, on the basic tab-outside glow-mask selection checked
glow radius-6.95 soften corners 25 overall opacity 100 distortion 0 distortion lump 100
gradient smoothness 100-apply
save and your done.
written by crazykittie

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