Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's Go Out

Tube of choice, I used Jose Cano
Which can purchased at
Kit of choice I used Blush by Ruth's designs
which can also be purchased at mpt.

Open a new 600x600 image copy n paste doodle of choice
from the kit add dropshadow, duplicate-mirror-flip an place
both so that they just barley touch the edge of your canvas merge down.
now copy n paste frame of choice grab magic wand an select the inside
of the frame-selections modify-expand 5-invert,
paste paper of choice
delete move down,

paste a close up of your tube if available resize by 90%
more if needed, delete-select none,

move this layer down, lower the opacity
on your tube layer to around 65 or 70,
close off doodles layer an bottom layer
merge visiable an resize your frame by 80% 2x

duplicate on your bottom
copy image rotate left 25 go back to your top copy
copy n paste element 75 resize
80% 1x place on left corner of frame, c
opy n paste butterfly of choice resize as
needed an place on top of the other element you just place.
copy n paste glass heart
of choice rotate left 25, resize 80% 1x

an place so top link touches top corner of frame
on the right, paste small bow of choice

resize by 85% 2 or 3x rotate left 25 an place at
top of heart.
copy n paste element 50 place at bottom of frame,

using deform push the sides
in so it lines up with the frame edges.
copy n paste element 38 select the insides of
both frames an expand 4 invert,paste paper of choice delete,
paste your tube an line the face up in the heart, delete
now go back to your original tube copy mirror,

paste into other heart an line up same way
as first delete select none.move paper an tube layers below frame
merge both tube layers an lower the opacity to around 55 or so
merge tube layer with paper layer then merge

with frame layer an resize around 80 or 85%
2 or 3 x place between ribbon an heart layers,
add dropshadow of choice.
copy n paste compact resize 80% 2x image mirror place on left side,
copy n paste lipstick
of choice resize 80% 1x an place next to compact.
add full size of your tube merge all
layers visiable, image canvas size an resize your tag to 495x495
add artist info, your text
save as png an your done.

writtin by Crazykittie

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