Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puppy Love

Tube of choice, I used legends art
which can be purchased at www.mypsptubes.com
kit of choice, I used Best Friends by Carita
Which can be also can be purchased at MPt

Open a new 600x600 image, copy n paste tag of choice
i used tag 2, copy n paste framecluster, using your magic
wand select the inside of both frames, expand 3 invert,
paste paper of choice, delete leave selected an move paper
below frame layer copy n paste tube of choice i resized 70% 2x
paste in to left side of frame once you have it where you want it
hit delete, now go back to original copy, mirror paste into right
side of frame again resize 70% 2x.

merge down tube,frame an paper layers
copy n paste plant 2 resize once by 70%

place on right corner of frame
an move below frame an above tag add dropshadow,

duplicate mirror an place
copy on left side of frame, see tag for placement

copy n paste petunia from
the kit, resize 70% 2 or 3x place behind frame an line up with center
erase any stem sticking out.

copy n paste blue bow, resize 70% place on
left corner of frame, add dropshadow.

copy n paste green bow, resize 70%
an place on left corner of frame on the right add dropshadow.
copy n paste flower 1 resize 70% an place center on bottom of frame
add dropshadow,

paste flower 2 resize an place on left side of first
flower move below it, add dropshadow, duplicate-mirror
paste tube resize as needed add dropshadow, merge all visiable.
add credits info, your text. using your crop tool, crop around your
tag to rid the extra space, resize all layers by 85% save as png an your done.

written by crazykittie

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