Friday, August 6, 2010

Rock Me

Tube of choice, I used one by Ismael Rac
which can be purchased at
Scrapkit of choice, i used Rock me like a hurricane
by Carita, can be purchased at
no outside filters or plugins used.

Open a new 600x600 image so you have room to work
copy n paste frame 2 from the kit an place it center
of your work space. no resizing needed. grab your
magic wand an click inside the frame, selections-modify-
expand-7 selections-invert, copy n paste paper of choice
from the kit, delete, move below frame, leave selected.
making sure your on your frame layer, copy n paste close up
of your tube, hit delete then move below frame layer-deselect.
copy n paste the ribbon from the kit place on the left side
an once you have it where you want it, erase a part that is
on the frame to make it look like its wrapped on the frame
grab bow from the kit resize 80% once an place on top of the ribbon
where you erased it. add dropshadow of choice to bow an the ribbon
copy n paste a cap of choice from the kit, i used cap 2 resize by
80% 2x's an place on right side of frame at the bottom.
copy n paste guitar of choice an place on right side of frame
below the cap.add dropshadow of choice to both
add any other elements of choice, resize tag 80% once
then add artist info, your text an your done.

Written by Crazykittie

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