Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Blooms

Tube of choice
i used shawli which can be purchased at
kit of choice, i used summer bundle by carita which
also can be purchased at mypsptubes
thank you muches for letting me tut your kit.
mask of choice i used 115 from

Open a 600x600 new image again so you have room to work.
copy n paste paper of choice-layers-new mask layer
find your mask in the drop down source luminace checked
everything else unchecked apply mask-merge group
adjust motion blur with the following settings
Angle 30.00 strength 65% apply, adjust-add/remove noise-add noise
uniform-monochrome-30% apply,

copy n paste doodle of choice
place where the left side almost reaches the top of your work space

copy n paste frame of choice grab your magic
wand an select the inside, if you use one with the staples be sure
to select the space behind them also-selections-modify-expand 5

copy n paste paper of choice hit delete
move below frame layer, going back to your frame layer, copy n paste
ac close of your tube, resize if needed again hit delete, move this
below the frame.

copy n paste tag of choice resize by 75% once
place on top right corner of frame, line top of tag up with the frame
use eraser tool an erase the string,add dropshadow and text of choice
add bow of choice resize as needed.add dropshadow.

copy n paste
a full size copy of your tube, resize by 80% or size of your choosing
place on left side of frame.

copy n paste leaf of choice from the kit
resize by 75% once-image rotate left 90,add dropshadow place at bottom of
frame,duplicate-mirror, grab 2 flowers of choice from kit copy n paste 1
resize 80% once place on the left be sure not to cover the leaf completely
see tag-paste 2nd flower of choice resize 80% once place next to first flower
an move below it.

go back to first flower duplicate-mirror an line it up on
the right same as you did the left one. merge all 3 flowers add dropshadow of choice
copy n paste the stem from the kit resize either by 80% 3x or 70% 1x your choice
place behind flowers but in front of the leaf erase any stem sticking out at the
bottom, add dropshadow duplicate mirror line up on right same as you did on the left.
merge all layers visible, resize all layers by 80% 1x add artist info, your text
and your done.
written by Crazykittie

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