Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Hottie

Tube of choice
I used Ismael Rac
which can be purchased
Kit of choice one i used
is a fabulous freebie
called Innocent. thank you sylvie!
no outside plugins or filters used.

got everything?
Let's go

open a 600x600 image copy n paste element 76
from the kit, resize as needed
grab your magic wand an click inside both frames
selections-modify-expand 4 selections invert
copy n paste paper of choice i used paper 11
hit delete move below frame layer.
selections none-copy n paste your tube, resize
as needed place over the right side of the frame
so that is hanging over just a bit on the top an
left side, carefuly erase anything over hanging on the
right an bottom of the frame. duplicate-mirror place
copy in left frame so it matches the one on the right.
copy n paste element 32 resize as needed an place on right
side of frame and just behind your tube duplicate-mirror
see tag for placement. copy n paste element 51 resize as needed
place on right bottom corner of frame over the stem, duplicate-mirror
erase any stem showing behind the bow.
copy n paste element 56 resize as needed place on lower middle of frame
and to the right.
copy n paste element 57 resize as needed place on lower middle of frame
an to the left.
choose 2 colors from your tag an add the text summer hottie or text of choice
to the lower right of the tag add drop shadow of choice.
grab your crop tool crop your tag but leave at least 3 rows below the text
you just added. now resize tag to your liking, add artist info.
now for your name, add name place where your happy add drop shadow of choice
adjust-add/remove noise-add noise uniform-23% monochrome, save an your done.

written by crazykittie

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