Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Love

Tube of choice, i used Shawli
which can be purchased from
Kit of choice, i use sweet pea by juicy bits

Open a new 600x600 image, copy n paste round frame
from the kit or frame of choice, resize 1x 85%
grab your magic wand select the inside of the frame
copy n paste your tube of choice or close up
hit delete,selections none.
copy n paste ribbon of choice from the kit, place behind the frame
add drop shadow, duplicate-mirror, see tag for placement.
copy n paste a bow that matches the ribbons resize as needed
an place at top of frame so that it covers the space between the ribbons.
copy n paste bead string, resize as needed an place on left side
of frame. copy n paste any other elements of choice.
resize, all layers checked by 85% add your credits, any text
save as png or jpeg and your done!

written by crazykittie

Thursday, September 16, 2010


tube of choice
I used virgo by Nicolas Rivet
which can be purchased at
Scrap of choice
i used a ptu, virgo by ruth's designs

Open a 600x600 image
copy an paste frame of choice, resize as needed.
grab your magic wand select inside of frame, modify
expand 5 invert, copy n paste paper of choice.
select none, move paper below frame layer.
if your using same tube as me, resize as needed
and place where it looks like she is standing on bottom
of frame. copy element of choice from kit, i used 36
resize an place at top left of frame, copy bow of choice,
i used element 6. resize, image flip an place at top of element
36. copy element 67 from the kit, resize 85% 2x an place at
bottom right of frame, using deform tool turn it to the left a little.
copy element 70 from the kit, resize 85% 2x an place on right
of element 67.
copy 2 flowers of choice from kit, resize as needed an place on
bottom left of frame.
remember to add drop shadow of choice to all elements if you want.
merge visiable, resize by 85% 1x all layers checked or to size of your liking. add all credits, add your text an your done.

written by crazykittie