Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Xmas

tube of choice i used one by elias
which can be purchased at MPT
Kit of choice i used Sugar Cookies from Juicy Bits
Mask of choice i used 124 from Here
Do not use the same tube i did unless
you have purchased it and have a license to do so

Open a 600x600 image
selections select all, paste paper of choice into selection
deselect, apply mask, merge group.
new raster layer, select all repeat above step with different paper
then rotate right 40
paste frame of choice, if using same kit, resize frame 80%
select inside of frame with magice wand feather 0
expand 3-invert an paste paper of choice-delect select none
move paper below frame layer.
now paste tube of choice or close up on top of frame layer
resize an line it up where you want it, then using your freehand
tool draw around the tube part from the inside bottom of the frame
an below then hit delete, place tube so the bottom looks like its inside
the frame. now paste 2 flowers of choice resize 1 by 70% 2x an the other 70% 1x arrange slightly behind left side of frame, see tag for placement,
merge flower layers, duplicate-mirror.
paste bow of choice, resize place over center of the flowers but over the frame. duplicate-mirrior.
add any other elements of choice, merge tag, resize 80% 1x
add credits, text, etc. an you done.
written by crazykittie

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Talkin To Me?

Kit of choice
i used The Traveler by Juicy Bits
Tube of choice i used angela newman
which can be purchased at MPT
Open a 600x600 image
open frame of choice, the one i used i did not resize
grab your magic wand>feather 0, select the inside
of your frame be sure you select all open areas
invert, paste paper of choice hit delete, move below
frame layer, go back to your frame layer, paste tube of choice
hit delete, move this below frame layer, paste ribbon of choice
resize as needed move to bottom, paste a 2nd ribbon
do the same for it, now duplicate both ribbons, merge the
copy an image mirror.
paste leaf from kit, below ribbon layers resize duplicate, mirror
paste 2 flowers of choice, resize as needed an place both
on right side of frame close to the top.
paste another ribbon of choice place this one at bottom
of frame, resize as needed.
copy breifcase of choice resize as needed, paste hat from kit
resize an paste on the left of the case, grab your eraser
shape round, size 5, erase part of the hat so it looks like
its balanced on the case. paste books from the kit, resize
place slightly over the case, copy metal flower an paste on the right
resize as needed. add any other elements of choice
merge visible, resize tag by 80% add any credits an text
save an your done!
written by crazykittie