Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chin Chin

Tube: I used Ann Howard can be purchased @ My Tag Art
Kit: I used Welcome to China by Chili Designs
Which is also available @ My Tag Art
no outside filters used
remember to sharpen when you resize an item
to a smaller size.

Open a 600x600 image-transparent
copy n paste frame 2 from the kit-image-rotate right 90
grap your magic wand an select inside the frame-selections
modify-expand 3- invert
paste paper of choice from the kit-hit delete move below frame
layer keep selected- add your tube resize if needed hit delete
move this below your frame layer- deselect
copy n paste journal from the kit resize 70% 1x rotate right 90
so that it is standing up instead of sideways
now rotate left 45 an send it to the bottom, move it so it is
sticking out on the left from behind.
copy n paste plant from the kit-resize so it is same height
as the frame then move it so it is slightly behind the frame
on the right- copy n paste flower 5 from the kit do same as you
did for the flower
now paste china letters 2 from the kit
resize so they are same height as frame move to the right
copy n paste ribbon 2 resize an place at bottom of frame
pull the china letters above it
copy an paste flower 4 resize 70% 2x image mirror
place to the right of the frame
copy n paste butterfly resize 1x by 70% place on the upper
left of the frame
copy n paste panda from the kit resize place at bottom left.
add any other elements of choice, merge all visiable, resize
down by pixels all layers checked to 500x500-sharpen 1x
add credits,text, ect.. save an your done.
written by crazykittie

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