Monday, February 21, 2011

Missing You

Tube I used Susan Mckervergan
which can be purchased at UYA
Mask I used 341 from weescotslass
Kit Aiden a ptu kit from polkadotscraps PMTWS

Open a 650x650 new image
copy n paste paper of choice,colorize to match a color
from you tube if possible.
apply mask, merge group, add/remove noise-add noise with these settings, gausian/monochrome checked @ 20%
paste a second paper of choice use same steps above
then lower the opacity of the new layer to around 40
paste sparkle 1 from the kit, move to the left a little,duplicate-mirror, paste sparkle 2 from the kit an do the same.
grab frame of choice, i used frame 4 if using same frame
resize 1x by 90% grab magic wand, select the inside of the frame
expand by 3, invert selection. paste paper of choice, hit delete,selections none.
move this below the frame layer. paste the tree or element of choice if using different kit, resize to your liking an place on left
of the frame. paste leaves 2, erase the stem, then resize by 75%
till your happy with the size, duplicate-mirror then duplicate the
copy, place one copy under original on the right, an move 2nd copy to the left under original, now add flower of choice resize 70% 3x if using same kit, colorize to match your tube, then duplicate 2x and arrange to your liking, see tag for placement.
now add your tube, if using one similar to mine, place so it looks
as if it is sitting on the frame, add dropshadow of choice to tube.
add wordart an any other elements of choice. merge visible
resize all layers 1x by 80% add your credits,text ect. save
and your done.
written by crazkittie

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