Friday, February 25, 2011

Misty Love

Tube: I used 1 by Renee Lavoie a freebie which can be found
@ My tag art
Kit: I used Summer Love by Chili Designz
can be purchased @ My tag art

Open a new 600x600 image
copy n paste frame from the kit-grab your magic
wand-select the inside of the frame-modify-expand3-invert
copy n paste paper of choice-hit delete, move below frame layer
go back to your frame an add the following dropshadow
v2,h -5, opacity 50, blur 7 color ( a dark color that coordinates)
I used black.
is your frame still selected? I didn't say deselect yet lol
add a close up of your tube if available-resize if needed
lower the opacity down to about 48-50 blend mode-screen
now paste bow from the kit-resize to your liking-paste on
upper right corner of frame, paste the branch from the kit
rotate right 90- image mirror-resize an place on bottom left
corner of frame. copy an paste love element resize 70% 2x or
to your liking, place on right bottom corner.
copy heart2 from the kit- resize to your liking, place on upper
left corner, copy flower2 from the kit-place on top of the heart.
copy bead spill 2 from the kit place on upper right side of the frame send to bottom-duplicate-mirror-flip place copy on bottom
left. add any other elements of choice-merge all visiable- crop
resize-add credits,text ect. save an your done
written by crazykittie

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