Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tube: I used Suzanne Woolcott
Kit: I used My Doll from Polk Dot Scraps
no outside filters used.

Open a new 600x600 image, transparent
grab frame 8 from the kit, paste then image rotate 90
either left or right, resize to your liking.
using your magic wand select inside the frame- expand 3
invert, paste paper of choice, hit delete selections none.
move this layer below frame layer. grab element 19 from the kit
paste as top layer move to the left a little, arrange layers-send to bottom, duplicate, mirror.
now grab elements 55 and 56 from the kit. paste element 55 first
rotate right 90 place on left side, below the green element. paste
element 56 use previous rotation an place on right side, below green element.
now grab 2 flowers of choice, resize 60% 2x place them on left side so they are sitting on top of the rosettes on element 19
merge down only the flowers, duplicate-mirror.
now paste your tube on top of the frame an place so it is standing
on the bottom of the frame. resize if needed. add any other elements of choice, resize tag by pixels to 450x450 add credits
etc. save and your done.
written by crazykittie

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