Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rock My World

tube,scrapkit, mask

i used a tube by lix which can be
purchased at PTE
scrapkit is rockabilly from Juicybits
mask i used is 254 from weescotlass

Open new 600x600 image
then grab element 49 from the kit
place on left side of the tag so its kinda
hanging of the canvas a bit, duplicate 2x
move one copy to middle an other to the right.
now open paper of choice recolor to match
your tube if your not using same kit.
apply your mask merge group. now paste
another paper of choice you want the 2nd one
to contrast to your tube also.
apply the same mask again merge group
resize that layer by 90% 1x adjust-add noise
with the following setting.
gaussian 34% monochrome checked.
now grab element 28 from the kit place
it at the upper left corner of your canvas
duplicate, now grab 2 buttons of choice
resize both by 90% so that they fit inside
the frames, once you have this all where you want it. close out all layers except the frame and button layers an merge visible.
now grab 2 ribbons of choice resize both 1x by
85% then using your deform tool rotate both
and place them in the middle of the frames
grab flower of choice resize slightly an place
on left of the frame, grab another flower an resize slightly smaller then the other, place it
just behind the first one, duplicate an place copy on other side of first flower.
add any other elements of choice to finish the tag. to add the text like i did, you place your wording in one color, then using same wording
choose a diff color an place above the first one.
add your credit info an what have ya, resize tag by 85% save and your done.
written by crazykittie

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