Monday, March 14, 2011


Tube- I used Myka Jelina
Kit- I used BlackBird by Juicy Bits
Mask- I used #224 by weescotlass
Open a new 700x700 image,transparent
copy n paste paper of choice, apply mask, merge group
copy n paste element 27- rotate left 45, duplicate 2x
move one copy toward the top, one in the middle
then one toward the bottom.
copy n paste stars element- resize 70% 1x place toward
 upper left corner-duplicate-mirror-flip.
copy n paste element 41 rotate left 45 select inside
 with magic wand expand 4 invert, paste paper of choice hit delete,
 move down go back to frame, paste tube, hit delete move down, deselect.
paste heart frame, rotate right 45 follow same steps for other frame.
copy n paste key element, resize 70% 1x rotate right 90
place over square frame, erase part of it so its hanging from the frame.
copy n paste bird element resize 70% 2x place to the right of heart frame.
copy n paste butterfly resize 70% 2x place at bottom right of heart.
copy n paste button of choice, place one to upper right
 an one to the bottom left of the frames.
merge all visible- resize tag 85% 2x
add credits,text, ect.. save an your done.
written by crazykittie

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