Saturday, March 12, 2011


Tube- I used Myka Jelina
Kit- I used Blue Skys by Scrappin Daisy
Thank you Ruth for another fabulous creation!
Mask- I used 327 by weescotlass

Open a new 700x700 image, transparent
copy n paste paper of choice, apply mask-merge group
adjust-blur-gausian 15%, add/remove noise- add noise- gausian/monochrome checked-30%
copy n paste element 9 or swirly of choice place to the left
of your canvas-duplicate-mirror-flip.
copy n paste frame of choice-select inside with magic wand
modify-expand 4-invert, copy n paste paper of choice-hit delete
move below frame, go back to frame layer-paste tube close up
when your happy hit delete selections none, move below frame layer-lower the opacity of this layer between 65-70.
paste your tube, resize if needed, add drop shadow of choice
paste ribbon of choice place toward bottom of frame over your tube use deform too to push the sides in so that it lines up with
the frame, go back to your tube an erase any parts showing below the ribbon.
copy n paste bow of choice resize by 77% 1x place at top left corner, rotate to the left slightly using deform tool.
copy n paste dragonfly or butterfly of choice, resize an place
over the bow.
copy n paste flower bundle of choice from the kit resize by 77%
place on bottom right corner, copy n paste butterfly of choice resize - mirror place over the flowers.
merge all visible-resize tag, add your credits,text ect.. save an your done.
written by crazykittie

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