Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tube I used Melia Newman
Available for purchase @ My Tag Art
Kit: I used Charming by Jolene Here
supplied with permission, thank you jolene for another
fabulous creation.

Open a new 700x700 image, transparent
paste frame-select all open areas with magic wand-expand 5
invert, paste paper of choice hit delete- move below frame
go back to frame layer- paste tube of choice, resize as needed
place where you want it, hit delete-deselect an move below frame.
paste doodle- place on left side-send to bottom-duplicate-mirror-flip.
paste hearts element, resize place at bottom left
paste heart string- resize place on left of frame.
paste flower of choice- resize an place at top of
hearts string.
paste tags element-resize place at top right, paste bow
of choice resize-place at top of tag string.
paste any other elements of choice- remember to sharpen
anything you scale down.
merge all visible, resize tag to 450x450 sharpen
add credits,text ect.. save an your done
written by crazykittie

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