Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kittie Mauvo

Tube- I used Lady Mishka
Kit- I used Mauve Melody by Carita
Mask- I used #262 from weescotlass

Open a new 650x650 image,transparent
copy n paste paper of choice, apply mask-merge group
copy n paste frame of choice-rotate to the left slightly using deform tool
select inside frame with magic wand-expand 2-invert, paste paper
hit delete-move down-deselect.
go back to frame- paste tube of choice resize if needed.
animal tube preferred if you have.
copy n paste chain element resize by 80% 1x place on right upper side, copy n paste flower, resize 70% 1x place over
top link on chain.
copy n paste tree-resize 80% 1x place on left side
copy n paste book, resize 60% 1x place at bottom of tree
copy n paste basket resize 80% 2x place in front of book an to the right. paste angel charm, resize 80% 1x place on basket
then erase a little so its inside the basket.
merge all visible or flatten resize 80% 1x all layers checked
add credits,text, ect.. save an your done.
written by crazykittie

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