Friday, March 11, 2011

Lucky Be da Irish

Tube- I used Myriadelle
available for purchase @ My Tag Art
Kit- I used Irish Cream by Shal's world
also available for purchase @
Mask- I used mask # 61 by weescotlass

Open a new 700x700 image, transparent
copy n paste paper of choice-apply mask-merge group
duplicate-merge down.
copy n paste shamrock corner element move toward upper
left, duplicate-mirror-flip.
copy n paste swirly element, pull toward bottom left-duplicate-mirror-flip.
paste close up of your tube if you have one, copy n paste
2 flower clovers of choice resize by 70% 1x place 1st one
to bottom left of tube, see tag for placement.
do same for 2nd one, place it so it overlaps the first one a bit
merge down, dropshadow of choice, duplicate-mirror- merge down, duplicate-flip move the 2nd copy of clovers up an behind your tube, then pull them down a bit.
add any other elements of choice, merge visible or flatten,
resize- all layers checked by 70% add credits text, ect..
save an your done!
written by crazykittie

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