Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So Soiree

Tube- I used Lucinda by Juicy Bits
Kit- I used Soiree also by Juicy Bits can be purchased at her

Open a new 650x650 image, transparent
copy n paste bracket back of choice
resize 1x by 80%, copy n paste glitter1 move up n to the right
copy n paste flourish 6 move near top of bracket-duplicate-mirror
copy n paste frame of choice-select inside with magic wand
copy n paste paper of choice-hit delete-back to frame
paste tube-resize if needed-hit delete- only do this step if using upright tube.
copy n paste flourish of choice resize 1x by 80% rotate to the left
slightly using deform tool move to upper left side of frame
copy n paste 2nd flourish use same step above
paste bow of choice-reisze paste upper left corner
paste flower of choice-resize place just below bow
but overlap the bow.
copy n paste any other elements of choice
merge visible or flatten, resize tag all layers checked 1x by 80%
add credits,text,ect.. save an your done.
written by crazykittie

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