Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Autum Love

Tube: I used art by Ariane Soares
Available for purchase @ My Tag Art
Kit: I used Autumn Love by Pimp'd Designs
available for purchase @ PMTWS
Mask: I used Mask#167 by Chelle
Do not use same items I have unless you have purchased them an have a
license to do so.

Open a new 650 by 650 image, paste paper of choice, apply mask -merge group,
duplicate-mirror-flip, we will move them later.
paste frame of choice, select inside with magic wand- modify expand 4-invert.
paste paper, hit delete-move below frame, go back to frame, paste tube, hit delete
move down- selections none. merge paper,frame an tube layers-duplicate
on orginal copy, gaussian blur-radius 20. add noise gaussian, monochrome checked 61%
go to copy, resize by 80% 1x.
going back to your mask layers, move one copy to the left an up, move the other to the right an down.
paste tree, move down above mask layer an below frame, pull down just a little, ( see tag for placement)
paste green ribbon, resize slightly, place at top of frame.
paste pinecone, resize an place on left upper corner of frame.
paste lamppost, place on right side of frame.
paste the woodland element, place at bottom of frame, paste flower, resize, place to the bottom right.
paste any other elements of choice, merge, resize 1x by 80% add credits text etc.. save an your done!
written by crazykittie 9/7/2011

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