Monday, September 5, 2011


Tube: I used Art by Keith Garvey, available for purchase @
Kit: I used elements from bunny collab kit by Pimp'd Designs & Sarah Bryan
available for purchase @ PMWTS
no outside filters or plugins used.
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased
them an have a license to do so.
Open a new 650x650 image.
copy paste sb frame 1, resize 90% place center of your canvas.
grab your majic wand, select the inside of both circles of the frame.
selections-modify-expand 8 - invert.
paste paper of choice-delete, leave selected an go back to your frame layer.
paste close up of tube in first circle, when you have it where you want it, hit delete.
paste tube in 2nd circle an follow same steps as you did for first one.
selections none, move tube layers below frame an above paper layer.
go back to frame layer, paste sb charm 1, move to upper right corner of frame
add drop shadow of choice.
paste sb ribbon 1 move to bottom of frame (see tag for placement)
paste sb handcuffs resize an place on bottom right of ribbon, delete part of the
chain so its kinda hanging from the ribbon.
paste pd bag, resize an place on left side of ribbon (see tag for placement)
erase part of the chain so its hanging from the ribbon.
go back to frame layer paste pd sparkle over the frame, move to the right a little,
duplicate-mirror, move copy over to the left.
add any other elements of choice, merge, resize.
add credits,text,etc.. save an your done!!
written by crazykittie 9/3/2011