Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heavenly Love

I use art by Ariane Soares
Available for purchase @ My Tag Art
Kit: I used Heavenly by Kat
*Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them
and have a license to do so.*


Open a new 650x650 image, copy n paste cloud from the kit, place to the left, duplicate-mirror.
paste element 21, resize place center of canvas.
paste element 11, resize an place center of e21, it will look like its propped if placed properly.
select inside the frame with your majic wand, modify-expand 6-invert.
paste paper of choice hit delete, move below frame layer.
go back to frame layer, paste tube, once happy with placement, hit delete-deselect.
move tube below frame layer.
paste element 02 resize an place at bottom of frame.
paste element 23 resize an place on right upper corner of frame.
paste element 14 resize an place on left side of frame, (see tag for placement)
add any other elements of choice, merge visible, resize.
add credits,text,etc. save an your done!!
written by crazykittie 9/3/2011

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