Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pixie Play Land

Kit: I used Wisteria by Polka Dot Scraps available for puchase @ PMWTS
Mask: I used #226 by Chelle
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them an have a license to do so.
Ready? Open a new 650x650 image, paste paper of choice, apply mask-merge group.
open tree elment-grab your lasso tool, draw around one of the 2 trees, copy-paste onto your canvas, move to the left. paste element 30, place toward bottom of mask,
 paste element 24, resize, grab deform tool rotate till it is somewhat straight.
duplicate 3x's, and label these layers as leaves 1,2,3 & 4.
move layer 1 below the metal wire, move 2 up, 3 down an 4 up. paste the cottage, resize, place between leaves 1 and the wire.
paste element 28 resize, place in the center of the leaves. paste element 9, resize, rotate to the left slightly using the deform tool. place on right end of the leaves.
paste element 15, move it to the right an behind the leaves.
paste element 27 resize , move to the left an behind the cottage and in front of the tree. paste element 11, resize slightly an move down behind leaves an to the right.
paste bricks element an place in front of the mask an behind the mushrooms.
  paste pixies an resize each 1x by 50% (see tag for placement)
paste element 17, move to the upper left send to bottom, duplicate 2x's arrange, merge these 3 layers, an duplicate, move copy down about half way of the canvas. add any other elements of choice, merge, resize. add credits,text,etc.. save an your done! written by crazykittie 9/7/2011

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