Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rockin' Emolicious

Tube: I used art by Celinart pinup available for purchase @ SATC
Kit: Emo rainbows by Tattoo freak available @
Mask: I used #262 by Chelle
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them an have a license to do so.

Open a new 650x650 image, paste paper of choice, apply mask-merge group.
add/remove noise-add noise- gaussian, monochrome checked @ 61%
paste 3 block frame, resize, image rotate left 90, grab magic wand an select inside each block,
modify expand 5 invert, paste paper hit delete move below frame layer, leave selected,
go back to frame layer paste tube, resize if needed, line up with center of frame
when your happy hit delete move below frame, deselect, go back to tube layer- lower the
opacity to around 65-70%.
paste element 35, resize-image mirror-place at top right corner of the frame.
paste element 5, resize, place at top of element 35.
copy n paste element 25, resize, place on right side of frame at bottom.
copy n paste tube of choice, resize, place on left side, duplicate an mirror
if you dont have 2 diff copies of tube.
paste element 9 from the kit, resize place at bottom left of canvas,
paste element 21 resize an place on the hand of element 9 so it looks
as if it's holding the glass.
add any other elments of choice, merge all visible or flatten, resize by 75%
add credits,text,etc... save an your done!
written by crazykittie 9/3/2011

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