Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot Kiss


Tube: I used Robert Alvarado his art is available for purchase @ PTE
Kit: I used Hot Kisses by Sarah available for purchase @
Mask: I used #51 by Chelle
Filters: DSB linear transmission
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them and have
a license to do so.


Open a new 650x650 image, paste paper of choice, apply mask-merge group
paste a 2nd paper of choice, apply mask-merge group. move one heart to upper left
an the other to the lower right.
paste 3 block frame, grab your majic wand, select inside each square, selections-modify-
expand 5-invert, paste paper of choice hit delete- selections none, move paper below frame layer. adjust-add remove noise- add noise- gaussian-monochrome checked-61%.
go to frame layer, select first box with magic wand-expand 5 invert, paste your tube,
when you have it where u want it, hit delete-selections none move below frame layer,
follow this same steps for the next 2 boxes, merge the 3 layers together, then apply
linear transmission with these settings: slice size 4, offset 3, blend -83 direction vertical.
making sure you are on the frame layer paste wire 2 resize an place at top of top left box.
paste the 3 kisses from the kit, place kiss 1at bottom left corner of top frame, kiss 2 at top right
of your canvas and kiss 3 at bottom right.
copy lipstick 1 resize, place at bottom left of your canvas, copy corset resize and place next to
lipstick 1, copy lipstick 2 resize image rotate-left 90 place at bottom right.
go back to kiss 3 layer an paste full size copy of your tube.
add any other elements of choice, merge visible, resize add credits, text, etc.. save and your done!!

written by crazykittie 9/3/2011