Sunday, November 27, 2011

Midnight Magic

Tube I used Myka Jelina
Kit: I used Midnight Garden by Pimp'd Designs available for purchase @ PMTWS
Mask: I used Mask#179 by Chelle
Do not use same items I have unless you have purchased them an have a license to do so.
Open a new 600x600 image.
paste paper of choice, apply mask, merge group.
paste window, grab magic wand-while holding down shift key,
click inside each frame of the window, selections-modify-expand 4,
paste another paper of choice into selection selections-none.
paste leaves element, move below frame, move to the left slightly,
grab eraser at size 15 an erase the stem sticking out at the bottom.
now go back to the window,
paste the lands misty element, move to bottom of window.
paste candlebra resize place to the left, bottom,
paste butterflies element, place over the window
but pull it toward the bottom left corner of your canvas.
paste your tube, place to the right of the window, add dropshadow of choice,
add word art to bottom of canvas, ( see tag for placement).
add any other elements of choice, merge all visible,
resize entire tag 1x by 85% add credits,text,etc... save an your done.
written by crazykittie 11/27/2011

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