Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystery in Red

Tube: I used Unholy Vault Designs her art is available for purchase @ PTE
Kit: I used To My Friend by Schnegge available for purchase @ DSI
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them and have a license to do so.
Open a new 650x650 image,
Paste frame of choice-select inside frame with magic wand selections-modify-expand3-invert,
paste paper of choice-hit delete-selections none.
move paper below frame and merge down.
Paste doodle 2 an move to upper right corner, move down.
paste doodle 1 rotate right 90 place to right of the frame-move down,
duplicate-mirror. go back to frame layer, paste your tube.
paste ivy move to right side of frame. paste flower 3,
place on right side of frame in front of ivy.
Paste chalice, resize an place at bottom right,
paste cat, resize an place at bottom next to the chalice.
paste bottle element of choice, rotate right 90, resize an place at bottom.
paste candle, move to the left an move it down behind the bottle.
merge visible, resize tag 85% add credits,text,etc..
save an your done!!
written by crazykittie 11/28/2011

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