Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sugar Cookies

Tube: I used Art by Leonardo Preda, available for purchase @ PTE
Kit: I used elements from Holiday Sweetness kit by Pimp'd Designs available for purchase @ PMWTS no outside filters or plugins used.
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them an have a license to do so.
Ready? Open a new 650x650 image.
paste frame 4, select inside with your magic wand, expand 4-invert selection paste paper of choice, hit delete-selections none, move below frame layer.
go back to your frame, paste candy cane, resize by 80% 1x, grab you eraser tool set at size 24, erase part of the curve so it's hangin on the frame, paste 2nd candy cane mirror and place on right side, follow same steps as you did for the first one. paste ribbon 2, resize 80% 1x place on upper right of frame, if your using a tube that lays down, place it now. go back an erase the bottom part of the cane that is sticking out below your tube. paste the gingerbread man, resize 2x 80% or 1x 70% an place on the right of the frame. paste flower 2 resize 1x 80% place in front of the cookie n down slightly, paste flower 1 resize 1x 70% place down slightly from the other flower. paste candy of choice resize 60% 1x an place between the 2 flowers. paste cookie 3 resize slighty an place behind flower 1 ( see tag for placement help)
add any other elements of choice, merge visible, resize 1x by 80%,
add credits,text,etc.. save an your done! written by crazykittie 12/14/2011

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