Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ice Princess

Tube: I used the wonderful art of Eos Sparks can be purchased @ PTE
Kit: I used Christmas Angel by Pimp'd Designs, available for puchase @ PMWTS
Mask: I used #167 from Chelle
Do not use same ptu items i have unless you have purchased them an have a license to do so.
Ready? Open a 700x700 new image paste paper of choice,
apply mask-merge group.
paste sparkle element of choice, place where you want it.
paste lamp, resize slightly, place on left.
paste tree, duplicate 2x, arrange copies so that it looks like a full tree,
paste star, resize, place at top of tree, paste bow, resize,duplicate 2x's see tag for placement,
 paste ball ornament n light string an follow same steps you did for the bow.
paste blue cloud, move behind tree an to the left.
paste tube of choice, place on left side of tree.
paste any other elements of choice, merge tag, resize down to 510x510
add credits,text,etc.. save an your done!!
written by crazykittie 1/11/2012